London city taxpayers could face a tax hike of 2.8 per cent over 2006. London city council ...
British Airways May Say Profit Fell After London Security Alert. Fog at London's Heathrow ...
French presidential candidate visited London to hold the first election rally to be held ...
Shortly about London City

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. An important settlement for around two millennia. London is a major tourist destination.

London is today one of the world's most important business and financial centres and its influence in politics, culture, education,

entertainment, media and sport, all contribute to its status as one of the key global cities. London is the most populous city in the European Union.
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Defining London. London, also commonly known as ...
the Greater London area is one of the regions of England; its local government is the Greater London Authority. The urban sprawl of conurbation covers larger population.
Early London. Although there is some evidence ...
of scattered pre-Roman settlement in the area, the first major settlement was founded by the Romans in AD 43, following the Roman invasion of Britain.
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London's geographical feature is the Thames, a navigable river.
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London has a temperate climate with regular but generally light precipitation whole year.